Wandsworth shortlists bids for litigation work

Tim Miller

TWELVE firms have been invited by Wandsworth council to tender for each of the litigation contracts after more than 100 expressed an initial interest.

A further 35 firms are considering putting in bids for social services work, according to borough solicitor Martin Walker. In-house teams are expected to be among the bidders for both sets of work.

"The response to the social services tender has been less great but this is not surprising when you consider that it is a more specialist area," says Walker.

Among those who have asked for a copy of the social services specification document are 20 other local authorities who will soon be forced to run their own tenders.

Walker says the five-year social services contract will be offered on a lump-sum basis in contrast to litigation work which is a combination of fixed fees and hourly rates.

Twelve firms have been invited to bid for routine litigation and 12 for non-routine litigation with some firms putting in a bid for both.