Vital titles

Just where on earth do City types come up with the names for their deals? Travers Smith Braithwaite recently had the good fortune to act on the management buyout of Regent Street toy emporium Hamleys. And what was the name of the project? 'Project Soldier'. No doubt this was inspired by the halcyon days when young scamps, home from boarding school, found solace playing tin soldier wars with Timmy and Sandy from the school in the local village.

The more imaginative might point to Wal-Mart's takeover of Asda – dubbed 'Project Apple' because, erm, Asda sells apples? And, of course, who could forget the Marconi restructuring? That one was named 'Project Telescope', probably because the best way to look at the company was standing at least 20 miles away from it.

Tulkinghorn is intrigued to hear of more project names and the reasons for them, so feel free to email him at the above address. There's a pie and a pint in it for the winner.