Viruses poison client relationships

A new survey has revealed that UK law firms are losing clients as a result of computer viruses.

Of the senior partners surveyed, 6 per cent admitted that they had lost clients, or had client relationships damaged, by attacks on their computer systems, reveals the survey by NOP World/Evolution Systems.

The recent plethora of viruses has left lawyers nervous. Of the respondents, 65 per cent said they felt that digital security was a growing risk.

They were right. One insurance broker recently stated that it expects insurance premiums for cybercrime to rise by up to 25 per cent this year, with prices dependent on customers’ web use and security precautions.

Despite untold warnings that the internal threat from fraud or malicious attack is as serious as that posed by criminals, 67 per cent of the lawyers interviewed admitted asking colleagues to check emails on their behalf.

Given this approach, it is hardly surprising that one in 10 UK law firms has suffered security breaches of their computer systems during the last year. A massive 30 per cent of law firms do not have a policy to deal with digital and physical security.