van Hoogstraten former lawyers in unpaid bill claim

Property tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten is being sued by his former law firm Minaides Robson which is claiming more than £400,000 in unpaid fees.

The firm is claiming £409,076.77 from van Hoogstraten, the majority of which relates to advice on the landlord’s defence against a case brought by the family of Mohammed Raja.

van Hoogstraten was jailed then subsequently cleared by the Court of Appeal in 2003 of manslaughter charges in connection with the death of Raja.

However, the Raja family had already been awarded £5m damages in a civil claim. van Hoogstraten is currently appealing the award.

The landlord’s wealth was once estimated at over £500m, but his assests were frozen when he was in Belmarsh Prison in 2002 before his manslaughter conviction was quashed. van Hoogstraten is appealing the asset freezing order as a litigant in person.

It is unclear whether van Hoogstraten has the means to pay Minaides Robson while the asset freezing order remains in place.

van Hoogstraten was out of the country and unavailable for comment. Minaides Robson senior partner Marios Minaides declined to comment other than to say that the case had not settled.