US shows arbitration infatuation

Two of England’s barristers found themselves being pushed out of a hot-air balloon last week. Well, sort of. At the American Bar Association bash last Wednesday, Clive Freedman of 3 Verulam Buildings and Steven Gee QC of Stone Chambers were made to jump out of a balloon during the debate on the best dispute resolution methods.

The delegation simply didn’t think Freedman’s expert determination and Gee’s UK litigation were worth saving.

Balloon controller and president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association Simon Davis let it land with three dispute methods going into aBlind Date-style competition with Davis as Cilla Black.

Davis’s matchmaking skills saw the delegation shun Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease’s Washington DC partner Pamela Bresnahan’s US litigation along with Brick Court Chambers’ Tony Willis’s mediation.

The US lawyers fell for Arbitration Chambers’ John Tackaberry QC’s arbitration.

Arbitration and US lawyers: a match made in heaven? Will Davis need to buy a new hat? Only time will tell.