US price-fixing victims turn to Cohen Milstein for redress

Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll is preparing to act for the victims of the three UK executives convicted of price-fixing in the US.

The three executives, who were convicted last week, are expected to be tried in the UK in what could be the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) first criminal cartel prosecution since the enforcement of the 2002 Enterprise Act.

“We’ve been asked by the victims of the cartel to look into obtaining compensation due to the price-fixing,” said Cohen Milstein claimant and competition partner Vincent Smith. “We’ll wait for a public decision first.

“Once an infringement decision is reached we’ll determine how much loss has occurred, and to whom.” Any claims for damages will be made under the Competition Act and will be against the companies involved, not the individuals.

The executives admitted to participation in an £122m price-fixing scheme, but struck plea bargains with the US Department of Justice.

The deals saw Peter Whittle agree to serve 30 months in jail, Bryan Allison agree to 24 months and David Brammar 20 months. Whittle and Allison will both pay $100,000 (£49,000) fines and Brammar will pay $75,000 (£36,800).