US lawyers give boost to the north

US LAWYERS are spreading the word about northern firms following a flying visit organised by the Cowen Group.

The group is named after its founder Booth & Co joint senior partner Maurice Cowen.

American members of the group gave seminars to clients of Booth's in Leeds and of Addleshaws in Manchester.

One of the most interesting speakers was Valerie Hoffman, of Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson, a specialist in child abuse work. The huge firm has 500 lawyers in its employment department alone, and indicates the potential of the Cowen Group to bring work to northern firms.

Booth & Co spokeswoman Rachel Culver says: “We really appreciate them coming over here – it is quite expensive for them to do. The feedback from clients has been very positive and we look forward to arranging something similar for next year.”

Back in New York, Seyfarths' Peter Eikenberry says: “We look forward to spreading the word in the States that you don't have to go to London now if you want to find first-class legal work in England – and there can be significant savings to be made on fees, too.”