US firm's ad sends up inflated salaries

An anonymous US law firm has taken a cheeky sideswipe at the seven figure salaries being used to poach UK partners with a recruitment ad which purports to focus on “the important stuff” rather than cash alone.
The ad, placed by recruitment consultancy ZMB, appears in The Lawyer today and includes the figure “c. £999,999”, followed by the assertion that it was looking for “partners who will become an integrated part of its business because they are inspired by its clientele and culture rather than the cachet of a certain salary figure.”
But the firm could not resist dropping in the fact that it is not a lack of profits that underlies its moral stand. “Of course you will be paid what you are worth and the firm's top performers command seven figure incomes,” it states.
ZMB's Joe Macrae says: “The client could have gone ahead with an ad offering a million and ten pounds, but it would have looked like a bidding war. We thought it was better to take a tongue in cheek approach.”
The ad is a riposte to an advertisement placed by rival recruitment firm QD Legal which appeared in The Lawyer on 11 January for a US firm, understood to be McDermott Will & Emery. The ad made an offer of “£1m+” to the right candidate and provoked widespread reaction in the press.