US firm homes in on PMS market

US supplier Gilbert Technologies has become one of the first major US suppliers to tackle the UK legal practice management systems market.

The company has launched Professional 3.0 Desktop, and already has a beta test site at Slaughter and May.

The system which will be available to law firms in the UK has been designed in conjunction with Slaughters.

Gilbert Technologies president, Phil Gilbert, says the system was designed with legal users in mind.

The system stores client files and enables users to do detailed searches on files in the desktop environment.

The interface is based on Microsoft Office and supports OLE (object linking and embedding).

Users can customise the way in which they store and access files, and the software is designed as an environment for various legal applications.

The product is being launched simultaneously in the US and UK. Gilbert says there will not be a problem with different legal practices in the two countries.

"Quite frankly, there are not that many differences, but where there are, we have catered for it," he says.

Gilbert is best known in the UK for its Viewz document management product, in operation at practices such as Freshfields. It has recently opened an office in London for its UK support services.

The product is aimed at larger practices, but will still compete with established British products from suppliers such as Timeslice and Aim. "We hope those law firms with more than 100 users will initially see that we have a better architecture than any of the competition," says Gilbert.