US expats predict second Clinton term

Leading US lawyers in London are unenthusiastic about next month's US presidential elections.

They are in no doubt that Clinton will clinch another term in office and are sorry that it is not going to be a more exciting race.

Several say they will be forced to vote for Clinton because of the unsuitability of Dole and many are abstaining from the voting process altogether.

Charles Lubar, a partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius, said he was so disappointed with both Dole and Clinton that he is thinking of voting for the Libertarian Party, the party of anarchy.

Both Bill Morrison, a partner at Bryan Cave, and George Adams, of Debevoise Plimpton, said they would probably be voting for Clinton, but Morrison said the whole campaign had depressed him and he added that he did not feel the unequivocal support that he had for Clinton in 1992.

Adams said he felt sorry for Dole. “He is a decent human being, but not of the calibre to run a presidential campaign, let alone run the country. There is no question that Clinton is going to win.”

Clinton's links with the Association of Trial Lawyers and his refusal to place restrictions on punitive damages and contingency fees cases is an emotive issue for US lawyers in London.

Lubar said: “The legal profession in the US has damaged the business community by forcing insurance rates up and has put a huge burden on the health system. People all over the world are scared of US law.”

Charles Whitman, of Davis Polk, who will be voting Republican, said “Personal injury lawyers are a disgrace to the profession. By imposing limits on punitive suits Dole will hopefully make the US less lawyer driven.”