Unique double for brothers in law

In what the Lord Chancellor described as “a unique ceremony”, two brothers – Rodney and Warwick McKinnon – were both sworn in as circuit judges in the House of Lords last week.

Coincidentally, the pair were scheduled to be sworn in on the same day – Warwick at 11am last Tuesday and Rodney at 11.30. But when Lord Irvine realised the connection, and the fact that the guest lists were identical, give or take the odd clerk, he suggested they double up.

The two come from a judicial family – father Neil was an Old Bailey judge and elder brother Stuart became a High Court judge in 1988.

Rodney, previously at 2 Pump Court and who now sits at Woolwich Crown Court, said: “Lord Irvine was gracious and charming with our family and I hope that day is a happy omen for our future careers on the bench.”

Warwick was at Hollis Whiteman Chambers in Queen Elizabeth Buildings and now sits at Chelmsford Crown Court.