Unions could be Ashursts' answer

I read with concern of the "poison pen" letter incident at Ashurst Morris Crisp ("Ashurst rejects "poison pen' charges", The Lawyer, 23 June).

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the grievance felt by Ashursts' staff, might I suggest they consider joining a trade union and organising within Ashursts? The Manufacturing, Science and Finance professional union would seem the obvious choice, although not the only one.

Such organising, if done at an appropriate time, would be protected by employment legislation prohibiting an employer from exposing an employee to "any detriment" because of trade union activities.

If a sufficiently "large contingent" of staff were to join, a union recognition ballot could be held and, if the vote went in favour, Ashursts would be obliged to establish a system of collective bargaining on pay. As Mr Soundy states, the firm maintains an "open door" policy.

Perhaps he might consider encouraging such a move?

Paul Hardy

London E1