UK Trade Marks Act 1994: A Practical Guide John Groom et al Longman u35

'The UK Trade Marks 1994: A Practical Guide' has been written by four leading members of the Institute of Trade Mark Agents: John Groom, Richard Abnett, Jeremy Pennant and Adrian Spencer. It provides a useful guide to the provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1994 and contains a detailed, well constructed analysis of the key provisions.

Several features of the book deserve particular mention. The text incorporates references to the debates on the Trade Marks Bill and features extracts from Hansard. These will be of assistance to the trade mark practitioner in interpreting the act and are to be welcomed in the light of the opinions of the House of Lords in Pepper v Hart.

The text is well organised and uncluttered by footnotes which makes the book easy to read.

The book is a guide to the act itself. It does not cover, for example, the procedural aspects of bringing an action for trade mark infringement. Nevertheless, it provides a good review of the current legislation with pertinent references to the leading cases under the old law. The authors are to be commended for preparing what will become well-used tables matching up the provisions of the new act with previous legislation.

A well-written and concise summary of the act which should form part of any trade mark practitioner's library.