UK spies sued over Guantánamo abuses

Niche law firm Christian Khan today (12 September) set the wheels in motion for a British man who was held in Guantánamo Bay to sue the MI5 and MI6 over the tactics they used to gather intelligence.

Christian Khan has brought the civil case on behalf of Tarek Dergoul, who claims he was repeatedly tortured while he was held by the US and that British agents who had also questioned him were aware of the mistreatment.

The firm will be calling for the High Court to hold that security services should be banned from “benefiting” from the abuse of prisoners being held in detention outside the UK.

Christian Khan co-founder Louise Christian said that this is a very novel case and seeks to establish that the UK must not profit from the immoral actions of other countries.

“We’re hoping that the British court will provide protection against such actions and deem what has happened as unlawful,” said Christian. “If this is the case, then it will have applications that go far beyond Guantánamo Bay.”

The firm filed the claim against the Attorney General Baroness Scotland. Christian Khan has instructed Rabinder Singh QC of Matrix Chambers as lead counsel.