UK solicitors group links with Spanish equivalent

The Nationwide Independent Solicitors Group (NIS), a network of 19 UK firms, has formed an association with Iurispan, a similar network of Spanish firms.

The association will give NIS a point of contact in all the major Spanish locations.

Graeme Kirk, senior partner of Bury St Edmunds-based firm Gross & Co and chairman of the NIS, said: “We are delighted to have formed our association with Iurispan. We will be able to offer advice to our clients in all aspects of Spanish law, and we hope to increase business for our members through referral work.”

The NIS, whose member firms range in size from three to nine partners, was set up in 1989 with three main aims: to provide extra resources and generate additional work for members; to achieve savings by bulk buying; and to exchange information between firms to mutual advantage.

Liz Burlace, NIS administrator, said the group was looking to recruit a further 16 member firms.

“They are all general practices and we have a policy that none of the members are within 35 miles of each other so that there is no competition between them,” she added.