UK lecture tour tackles impact of no win, no fee

THE College of Law is planning a series of conferences to help lawyers assess the implications of no win, no fee cases.

Parliament introduced conditional fee regulations a year ago and the college aims to explore the experience of firms that have made use of the procedure.

Kerry Underwood, principal of Underwoods, St Albans, and a conference speaker said: “With the whole issue of legal aid funding in question, under proposals continued in Lord Woolf's interim report, it is clear that conditional fees are likely to be a standard way of funding personal injury claims in future, but many solicitors are still unaware of the issues involved.”

Underwood's firm has signed up a large number of conditional fee agreements.

Other speakers will include barrister Caroline Harmer of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Paul Balen, head of litigation at Freeth Cartwright Hunt Dickins of Nottingham, and David Marshall, partner at solicitors Anthony Gold Lerman & Muirhead in London.

The first conference will be held in Manchester on 2 May and others will follow in Leeds on 16 May, Bristol on 5 June, Cambridge on 13 June, Birmingham on 27 June and London on 3 July.

Each costs £190, or £95 for College of Law or LNTV subscribers. Contact Andrew Heywood on 0171 611 7480.