UK Lawyers Negotiate Fund For Forced Labour Victims

Leigh Day & Co and Manchester firm, Fentons are co-ordinating claims on behalf of British forced labour claimants and will play a consultative role in establishing a foundation in the UK.

A delegation, headed by Leigh Day partner, Martyn Day and Fentons partner, Kieran Maguire met with German Government representatives in Bonn yesterday, who promised to put legislation before the German Parliament early next year.

The German Government envisages that the foundation for British based claimants will be based in the UK.

The compensations claims will be paid by funds contributed by German industry and the German Government. The global figure offered for compensation claims worldwide is likely to be around £4 billion.

Claimants who were still alive on 16 February 1999 are likely to be eligible for compensation. The lawyers however, failed in their bid to allow prisoners of war to be eligible, but swear they will continue lobbying for their inclusion