UK-China venture offers legal Web site

SLAUGHTER and May trainee solicitor, Paul Cheng, has set up China's first non-governmental Web site produced through a joint venture with the universities of London, Peking and Tsinghua.

The China Connection Legal Forum Web site was officially launched on 28 January to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

The Web site offers a variety of information on developments at UK firms with Chinese offices as well as legal articles, book reviews, recent news on Chinese law and a reference section containing key Chinese documents.

Cheng, China Connection Legal Forum's UK co-ordinator, had the idea of setting up the Web site while studying for a Chinese law diploma three years ago at Tsinghua University. He said the site took a year to develop.

Cheng said Chinese lawyers were keen to make contact with other UK lawyers and to learn about the English common law system.

This is because the Chinese legal profession was only re-established by Deng Xiaoping in 1979 after being abolished by Chairman Mao in 1949.

Web site hosts and London Web site specialists, Enstar, claim the site has already received a large number of visitors and that its popularity is 'growing exponentially'.

Lawyers wanting to make contributions or send e-mails can find the Web site at: