UAE picks scot for top appointment

THE UNION Des Avocats Europeens has appointed Iain Taylor, partner with Scottish law firm Bishop and Robertson Chalmers, as its new secretary general.

The appointment of a Scottish lawyer reflects the efforts of the union to expand its membership in the UK and Scandinavia.

Taylor said: “Although we are firmly established in most EU countries we have a bit to go in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark, and of course the UK, all of which are relatively new to the EU.”

The organisation, set up in 1986 to represent the interests of practising lawyers within the EU, now has more than 1,000 members. Its latest general assembly in November pulled together some of Europe's leading lawyers to discuss the draft Directive on Rights of Establishments of Lawyers in the EU, which is currently under discussion with various EU authorities.

“The work of the UAE is a very important cog in the development of the legal profession in Europe as the boundaries begin to diminish,” said Taylor.

“I hope that the UK's legal professions are given the opportunity to participate in refining the system to help businesses to operate effectively in Europe.”

As well as Taylor's appointment, the Brussels General Assembly named Claude Bontinck (Brussels) as president and Jean-Marie Bauler (Luxembourg) as treasurer.