The JLD blog: Advice to my younger self

Coming into this year, none of us could have expected the chaos and disruption which pursued. With many of us in a transitional phase as a result, now seems to be an ideal opportunity to evaluate past choices and use that knowledge to make future plans. Here are my top five pieces of advice to […]

The JLD blog: this too shall pass…

Covid-19 and the increased time at home has given us all the opportunity to find time for our own thoughts. For me, among other things, thoughts turned to 2008 and the financial crash which resulted in the recession. I graduated in 2007 with a biological sciences degree from Nottingham University. Growing up I was repeatedly […]

My Pride Story: a client secondment helped me come out

With Pride celebrations cancelled this year due to COVID-19 I found myself asking – what does Pride mean to me and, what is my Pride story? When I first started in the legal industry it wasn’t as much a question of being “out in the office” that I struggled with as much as struggling being […]

My Pride Story: Do I still face prejudices? Of course.

Let me start by describing my “coming out experience”. It shouldn’t define one’s path but negative experiences shape how one deals with it going forward. Growing up, I never expected to come out. I wanted a family – I wanted to get married and have children, but that was unthinkable for gay men when I […]


My Pride Story: Our job is to ensure coming out gets easier, for everyone

With the benefit of hindsight, coming out at work was surprisingly easy. But it followed a lengthy period of sleepless nights. For a long time I kept my private life completely separate from my career; it was one of those subjects that I never really got drawn into conversations about. I mangled sentences desperately looking […]

Lawyers Against Loneliness

Law Against Loneliness: 11 June

Springwatch with The Lawyer Lyn Penfold of Rail Delivery Group returns with another video, this time of a robin, which with some patience, was persuaded to eat out of a hand. Dogs of the Day Kathryn Davies, an associate at Fladgate, shares a video of Bandit, an eight-month-old Labrador puppy.  “The story behind the video – […]