Careers advice for lawyers

Presentation skills for lawyers: Applying storytelling techniques for leaders and mentors

I have dealt previously with common storytelling themes and the criteria used for building great stories in scenarios ranging from legal and business industries to presentation and leadership. This article looks at another layer in the form of storytelling applications. Probably the most commonly perceived application of storytelling is the use of an engaging narrative […]

Elizabeth Rimmer

How thinking like a lawyer can affect your mental health

We often hear the phrase ‘think like a lawyer’ but what does it really mean? Most would say it means paying attention to detail, skill at making an argument, a drive for perfection, an obsession for detail, analysing risk and all possible outcomes, preparing for the worst. All these skills make an excellent lawyer but […]

The rise of class actions

Lawson Caisley, partner at White & Case, shares his insights on the rise of class actions, the issues they pose, and how they could change the UK litigation landscape.

Legal: An industry ready for innovation?

Tripp Hemphill, VP Enterprise Markets EMEA at DISCO, talks about how the legal space is ready for a tech revolution, automation’s role in saving time and effort, and the one thing lawyers should know about integrated AI.