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Boris Johnson

Presentation skills: beware the pitfalls of spontaneity

All it takes is a few seconds. One-time Labour leader, Neil Kinnock called it a ‘rush of blood to the head;’ the point when all good sense appears to go out of the window and a well planned speech stumbles down a calamitous path of spontaneity… It is perhaps no coincidence that Boris Johnson’s lead […]

So, Um, Er Stop! Avoiding common presentation pitfalls

“SO! Before I begin, I’d like to start today by saying thanks to everyone for coming. Today I’m going to talk to you about… is this thing on?… Oh yes. Before I begin, can everybody hear me okay?… I’ll take that as a yes. So, let’s crack on as I know some of you are […]


Loving legal life: Do you know your role?

This week, systemic coaches Zita Tulyahikayo and James Pereira QC discuss the dynamics of roles within organizational relationships, and how revealing hidden roles can resource organisations, teams and individuals to work better.


A career in law: is it for you?

Our choice of career is an important decision which we are often asked to make before having sufficient opportunity to reach an informed opinion about the type of job that would suit our skills. To help decide if a career in law is for you, I have picked out five critical skills which, based on […]

The wellbeing checklist: How are you doing?

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week: a chance to show your support for better mental health, and celebrate the important work already being done.  But it’s also a chance to check in with yourself.  How are you doing?  And not just on a surface level, either.  How are you really doing? It’s not an […]

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