Tyco poised to review Eversheds’ status as sole external adviser

Tyco poised to review <a class=Eversheds’ status as sole external adviser” />The terms of Eversheds’ status as manufacturing company Tyco’s sole external legal adviser are up for review as the contract comes up for a 12-month renewal.

Eversheds ;will ;deal ­principally with David Symonds, who will take responsibility for Tyco’s legal function for Europe, the Middle East and Africa ­following the departure of Trevor Faure this month.

Symonds said: “Some things we could do better, whether it’s to do with information flow or visibility on billing. We’ve got ideas and I’m sure Eversheds will come up with ideas.

“In a perfect world everything would go without a hitch, but we’re not in a ­perfect world and hitches do occur. That said, even if there is the odd glitch, it’s still much ;better ;than ;the ­alternatives. The model gives us clear visibility on what we’re spending our money on in the legal department.”

Former Leeds office chief Stephen Hopkins leads Eversheds’ relationship with Tyco. The firm won the role as sole adviser to the company following a panel review at the start of 2007. Tyco ditched more than 150 firms before opting for Eversheds.

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