Tyco breakaways name new counsel

Tyco Electronics and Tyco International’s former healthcare division Covidien have named their European general counsel following the companies’ split from Tyco International in early July.

Tyco Electronics has named Christoph Zeyen as its European legal head, with Covidien appointing Michaelangelo Stefani.

“We’re still in the midst of finalising the structure of the legal department,” explained Zeyen. “But we have 10 lawyers in the team.”

Zeyen, who was one of the deputy general counsel at Tyco International Europe, will now be reporting to Giles White, the US-based deputy general counsel of Tyco Electronics.

Zeyen’s team will handle all commercial and Treasury work, while all IP work for the company is being carried out by a separate group of lawyers that does not fall under his purview.

Zeyen, who has been with Tyco for more than a decade, will be based in Brussels and will oversee a number of lawyers who are stationed around Europe.

“We have lawyers in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland,” said Zeyen, who added that the company will not be placing any lawyers in the UK.

It is understood Stefani will be arranging his legal team in a similar fashion, although the structure is still being ironed out. Stefani will be based in Luxembourg.

Tyco Electronics and Covidien separated from Tyco International to become three publicly traded companies, with Tyco International comprising the company’s fire and safety and engineered products units.

Tyco International’s European general counsel is Trevor Faure. The worldwide general counsel is Judith Reinsdorf.