TWM solicitors

TWM.jpg” alt=”TWM solicitors” />Spread across seven offices, TWM Solicitors is both one of the oldest law firms in Surrey and one of the newest.

With roots stretching back 200 years, the current firm is the amalgamation of four separate firms that took place during the 1990s recession. After ­converting to an LLP in 2003, the firm appointed dispute resolution head John Sandford-Pike as its managing principal in 2005.

Sandford-Pike describes TWM as a “new-old firm” that now sees the majority of its work come from its property practice (45 per cent), with private client, family and business law (corporate and related) work bringing in much of the remainder.

Despite its offices being spread across the county, including two addresses in Guildford, Sandford-Pike explains that they all work together under the same business plan, sharing out the work when it comes in and, as an LLP, held on a “tight rein” by the firm’s head of finance Andrew Hayes.

It is an arrangement, says Sandford-Pike, that allows for a modern, flexible approach.

“Due to our departmental structure, fee-earners are mobile and go where they’re needed,” he says. “We may be lawyers, but we’re a service industry.”

The firm’s typical clients are high-net-worth ­property owners, and the downturn has hit TWM like everyone else. To compensate, Sandford-Pike is on a drive to expand all offices until the housing ­market picks up again.

“The Surrey firms were bound to be affected by this downturn,” confirms Sandford-Pike. “These high-net-worth clients still want to move, but the first-time buyers aren’t able to borrow, so the ­market’s stagnating. The downturn’s something to be dealt with, and we’ll see out this period through organic growth.”