Tribunal throws out claims against CMS Cameron McKenna

The cases against the firm, brought by former CIS group lawyers Dmitri Chebotarev and Natasha Thompson, were dismissed because of an "inordinate and inexcusable delay' to the release of details in the case.

In her summing up, the chairwoman said that such a delay had lead to "prejudice more than trivial or minor, such as to create a serious risk to a fair trial."

She pointed to a lapse of 11 months between "skeleton claims" and the release of the "proported particulars" of the claims to the respondents, CMS Cameron McKenna.

Reacting to the decision Camerons partner, Peter Hewes said "We are pleased, we thought these proceedings were being conducted in an inappropriate way, it is good to see an end to them and move on."

And while Langley & Co, counsel for the claimants were unwilling to comment, Chebotarev vowed to pursue the matter further, "We still have claims against Camerons and will not rest until we have justice."