<a class=Trethowans” />Growing in turnover, lawyers and determination, Trethowans has plans to expand during the ­downturn and become a major presence in the southern legal market.

Managing partner Miles Brown oversees what he calls a “flexible” practice that has some major brands on its books, snapping them up from under the noses of larger firms and holding on to them.

“We turn things around far quicker than the bigger firms, don’t take any of our clients for granted and come up with new ideas every year,” explains Brown, who joined the firm 10 years ago.

Trethowans’ turnover has increased by around £1m a year for the past three years, from £5.5m in 2005 to £8.5m in the last financial year. It has also seen ­plenty of new lawyers join its Salisbury and Southampton offices (the numbers are weighted slightly in favour of Salisbury), with some 25 lawyers coming on board in the past five years. Among the new faces are employment partner Jon Loni, who joined with two associates from Foot Anstey ­Solicitors in November.

Along with building the workforce (the ­Salisbury lawyers moved into a 21,500sq ft office six months ago), Brown has been busy building capital and Trethowns is in the enviable position of having no overdraft. The firm’s ambition, coupled with its solid growth, is attracting suitors, some of which Brown is more than happy to speak with. “Sound financial firms seek each other out,” he states.

With this in mind, Trethowans plans to open in two new locations within the next three years. ­Exactly where and how Brown is keeping a secret.

“We want to take advantage of this situation in the coming months,” he explains. “It’s important that we reach a certain size before the implementation of Clementi.”

Brown adds that Trethowans benefits from a young partnership that sticks to a mantra of ‘Team Trethowans’, an ethos of thinking of the firm first, not the individual.