Too hot to handle

Lawyer luvvie Mark Stephens continued his good run of form last week with the release of his 158th book, International Libel and Privacy Handbook.

But Stephens is not a man to be satisfied with just a book launch to keep up a high profile. On Monday 8 May the great man could be heard on the BBC’s Today programme spouting forth on the likelihood of litigation following Spurs’ ill-timed bout of alleged food poisoning the night before its final game of the season.

Tulkinghorn decided it might be worth a quick web search to see where else the esteemed Mr Stephens might have popped up recently, but failed at the first hurdle when the poor server complained: “The search (Mark) and (Stephens) and (lawyer) has been interrupted because it will return more than 3,000 results.” Good going, sir.