Tipping the silk

Smut, filth and muck. Tulkinghorn must doff his cap to the more traditional among you and admit that his column is getting out of control. First the Clifford Chance lap dancing fiasco; and now he is bound by his duty to the common interest to reveal that David Pannick QC, possibly the most sought-after public law silk in the country, has apparently been finding time to hang around Brewer Street sex shops.

Interestingly, he was spotted with his old school chum, celebrity solicitor Henri Brandman.

According to Tulkinghorn's scribes, last time the pair were seen wandering around the back streets of Soho, they were clutching official looking papers and looking very serious indeed. When spotted, the pair told the reporters they were actually working on a licensing application for one of the sex shops, although why a top silk and a celebrity lawyer would want to do such work remains a mystery to your clean-living diarist Tulkinghorn.