Time to Tweet

Are law firms finally waking up to the power of Twitter? If the recent investments made by Eversheds and Clyde & Co into harnessing the power of the retweet is anything to judge by then the answer is ‘yes’.

Both firms have spent several thousand pounds recently on bringing in external consultants to educate their lawyers on how to get the most out of Twitter and other social networking sites. The twist with this attempt at better marketing and business development – which to many professionals will hardly come as earth-shattering news – is the way both firms are using social networks in a sector-focused way.

Still not exactly rocket science, maybe, but according to Clydes partner Nigel Chapman who’s leading his firm’s project internally, the ramped up networking could be a way of creating “relationships that will last for years”.

By his own admission, Chapman is “a bit of an old dinosaur”, yet even a fossil can see the benefit of a retweet. No offence, old chap.

The bigger picture is that Clydes’ and Eversheds’ decision to invest in marketing at a time of widespread redundancies, including at both of these firms, underlines the fact that no matter how tough the economic conditions, business development does not stop.

For more on this story read the thoughts of the man behind the two firms’ push into unchartered BD territory – Colm Hannon of eSocialMedia.

Matt Byrne