Time right for reform, says Pembridge

DEFEATED Law Society presidential candidate Eileen Pembridge is calling on her successful rival to conduct a radical overhaul of the constitution.

Pembridge has already held a meeting with Mears to press for a constitutional review which formed a central plank of both hers and council candidate Henry Hodge's manifesto.

Mears also called for reform, but restricted specific policy commitments to regular monthly meetings of the council, a reduction in committees, a more accountable bureaucracy and a hands-on presidency.

Pembridge believes there should be a complete overhaul of the system.

“The one good thing that he has achieved is to break up the 'Buggins Turn' system on the council,” Pembridge says. “The time is ripe for reform.”

The relationship between the first woman candidate for the presidency and the eventual victor threatened to come unstuck last week, however, when The Independent newspaper seized on Mears' acceptance speech joke in which he suggested that she was the “most dangerous feminist in England”.

Mears has written to Pembridge saying he meant the speech to be unambiguously complimentary.

Pembridge accepts his claim, but adds: “I hope he will be a little more careful in the