Tikit, part of the BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law firms, today announced that their new integration between The Link App and P4W, Tikit’s leading practice and case management application, is now available in the latest release of P4W; version 4.01-02.

The Link App, a mobile client communication application, has been integrated fully in this latest version of Tikit’s case management solution, allowing law firm’s to streamline their communications with clients.  Through a dedicated secure channel, specific information related to a case can be shared with a client automatically or at the click of a button.  This notification is sent straight from P4W to the client’s mobile phone, improving a law firm’s efficiency and also giving the client a more professional experience.

Lauren Riley, CEO and founder of The Link App says “This new integration will provide P4W users with a sleek communication tool that sends notifications to clients instantly to update them on their case. 20% of these notifications are read within the first 60 seconds, so it really does save valuable time. We also take security very seriously which is why the app is armed with 256-bit SSL data encryption, the same level as most UK banks use, to increase security as well as client satisfaction”.

Tikit is co-hosting a webinar with The Link App on 26th September from 12-1pm to showcase this new integration. The Link App will also be exhibiting at the Tikit P4W National User Group Conference on the 15th and 16th November.

The Link App has been specifically designed to help law firms improve client communication while gaining a competitive advantage.

By utilising a dedicated secure channel of communication, this innovative technology enables you to keep clients in the loop, giving them an all-round improved experience.

Given law firms are faced with unprecedented competition, The Link App presents an incredible opportunity to embrace innovation and improve relationships with clients.