The dust may be settling on the legal battle by ex-Take That heart throb Robbie Williams whose anticipated four-week contract battle in the Chancery Division never got under way.

But other groups are waiting in the wings to take the legal stage and one set of Seventies chart toppers is scheduled to do battle, again in the Chancery Division, before the year is out.

Five members of the current Showaddywaddy line-up – David Bartram, Trevor Oakes, Romeo Challenger, Geoffrey Betts and Roderick Sinclair Deas – are taking on three ex-members of the group over use of the Showaddywaddy name.

They accuse ex-members Malcolm Allured, William Gask and Raymond Martinez, who left the group in 1984, 1987 and 1995 respectively, of wrongly using the name.

For the time being Alured, Gask and Martinez have undertaken not to use the name except to say they are former members of the group. Other undertakings have also been reached over the form of promotional material.

But the signs are that the three will be putting up a strong resistance to any permanent ban being imposed on their use of the Showaddywaddy tag.

In the preliminary skirmish before Mr Justice Lightman at which the current undertakings were given, counsel for the three Marc Brittain was asked the nature of the defence.

"The defence is that they are entitled to use the name Showaddywaddy – it's as simple as that," he told the judge. While no firm date has been set for the case to reach court, lawyers for the existing group members say they hope for an early hearing and are confident the matter will be fully aired before the end of this year.