Thompsons goes up against ex-partner

Thompsons is set to go head-to-head with former partner Stefan Cross in a case that could have far-reaching implications for equal pay cases in Scotland.

Thompsons partner Syd Smith is acting for Unison member Jacqueline Quinn in a claim against Cross.

Cross threatened legal action against Quinn after she refused to pay a £500 contractual penalty for ­taking an equal pay case to another firm.

Cross quit Thompsons in 2002 to launch Stefan Cross Solicitors, which has since become synonymous with equal pay claims against the NHS and local authorities. He is thought to have the largest number of equal pay cases on his books of any UK firm, at around 30,000.

Smith said: “Solicitors in Scotland cannot charge flat-rate contingency fees. In other words, they cannot take a percentage from a person’s money no matter what work was done. He can’t put penalties into the contracts.”