Thomas Eggar

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Position: 72 m
Firm: Thomas Eggar

Turnover: £35.6m
Profit per equity partner: £314K
Earnings per partner: £213K
Equity spread: £120K-£380K
Net profit: £11.9m
Profit margin: 33 per cent
Revenue per fee-earner: £140K
Revenue per lawyer: £218K
Revenue per partner: £537K
Revenue per equity partner: £0.81m
Total number of fee-earners: 255
Total number of qualified partners: 164
Total number of partners: 66
Total number of equity partners: 44
Total number of female partners: 19
Total number of female equity partners: 7
Total number of staff: 478
Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:2.7

2006-07: Commercial 2, private client 1
2005-06: Litigation 1
2004-05: 0

2006: Commercial 1
2005: Commercial 2
2004: Commercial 1, litigation 1

Intake as percentage of partnership: 7
New female partners as percentage of intake: 75
Equity structure: 38 equity partners, 19 non-equity
Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: Commercial, litigation
*Figures supplied relate to the calendar year

Three-quarters of Thomas Eggar’s total staff is female, as well as two-thirds of the firm’s nine new partners over the past three years. In general partnership prospects are slim, unless you are in the company/commercial team. The firm has been bolstering its company/commercial and litigation groups at the expense of pensions, which has seen two partner departures in two years.