This week’s top 15 legal briefings – 31 October 2014

‘I don’t like liars, I don’t like cheats, I don’t like bullshitters, I don’t like schmoozers, I don’t like arse-lickers’ — the immortal words of Lord Sugar explaining his hiring policy.

If The Apprentice is to be believed, the rules of getting a job are: give 110 per cent, put your balls on the line and, of course, don’t find yourself in an interview situation where you have to make a viral video with a group of idiots.

However, in one of this week’s most read briefings, Totum has some rather more practical advice, listing some of the key reasons interviews go wrong. The gist is that unsuccessful candidates often fall down on the ‘soft skills’ side of the interview — but are often surprised when they get feedback to this effect. Avoid the pitfalls: click here for more information. You’ll be project manager in the next task and I expect to see some results if you’re to remain in this process.

Neighbours getting you down with their constant dubstep parties, incessantly barking dog or late-night screaming matches about how he treats her mother? Never mind; you could live next to a speedway track. In February 2014, the Supreme Court considered the tort of private nuisance for the first time. The case involves a gentleman who has operated a speedway business on a site in Suffolk since the 1980s, and his neighbours who moved into an adjoining bungalow in 2006 and were not best pleased about the noise. Goodman Derrick has explained the latest developments in an interesting case: click here for more information.

Speaking of nuisances, the government has proposed that the current six-month jail sentence for people found guilty of internet trolling should be quadrupled. ‘No one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media,’ says Chris Grayling, who no doubt has some first-hand experience of this. Shoosmiths has examined how businesses can protect themselves and their employees from online anti-social behaviour: click here for more information.

Top five briefings by law firm 
Totum: Why interviews go wrong Download
PwC: From in-house counsel to business partner: what you need to know about threat management Download
Goodman Derrick: One nuisance for another — Coventry and others v Lawrence and another Download
Lexellent : Italian labour reforms: the next generation Download
Eversheds: Ebola outbreak: implications for health and safety in organisations Download
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Top five briefings by practice area 
Company: Companies can recover the costs of their in-house lawyers in legal proceedings Download
Banking: Mis-selling of interest rate swaps Download
Employment: References — what employers need to know Download
Media: New jail terms for internet trolls: what can your business do about cyber bullies? Download
Insolvency: Trademark litigation between Specsavers and Asda comes to an end Download
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Top five briefings by region 
Asia-Pacific: Health and education as the new frontiers for competition principles Download
Middle East & Africa: Real Estate Development Law 2014: implications for developers Download
Offshore: Enforcement of pre-2014 Jersey security agreements Download
UK & Europe: Guidance on interaction between UK and EPO proceedings and scope of cross-undertakings in damages required for injunctions Download
US & The Americas: Accessibility 2.0 — is your company’s website accessible to disabled individuals? Five practical steps toward compliance Download More regions