This week’s top 15 legal briefings – 03 May 2015

With the bank holiday weekend coming to an end, you might have spent some time playing a few board games with the family. With its focus on words Scrabble has always been one of our favourites at The Lawyer.

What you might not have realised is that Mattel, who owns the trademark for the words ‘scrabble’ and ‘scramble’, issued proceedings against Zynga inc. This is over the name of Zynga’s online word game Scramble. The High Court has ruled that Mattel’s UK trademark is invalid but did it hold up Mattel’s claim that Zynga’s logo, which contains a stylised letter ‘m’, could be confused with Scrabble’s. This may not have been a big win for the Mattel but at least it gets more points than if the letter had been a vowel. Shoosmiths outlines what this decision means for brand owners. Click here for more information.

The last Budget before the election has, of course, been big news. Some of the biggest changes outlined have been in regards to a large number of tax changes, which are soon to take place.

Eversheds has the details of eight Budget points likely to make a difference for investors and investment funds. Of note is the Government’s decision to grant a tax-free allowance on interest received for the first £1,000 of an individual’s savings. This allowance is set to come into effect on 6 April 2016 and will be lower for high-rate taxpayers. Click here for more information.

Bates Wells Braithwaite explains the recent changes facing regulators requiring them to promote economic growth. The requirement has come about through The Deregulation Bill currently going through Parliament. It will also be backed up by the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill, which will create a reviewer to report on complaints about the regulator. Click here for more information.

Top five briefings by law firm
Schillings: Safeguarding corporate reputation Download
Shepherd and Wedderburn: Contract-based pensions: what next for governance committees? Download
Bates Wells Braithwaite: How can regulators promote economic growth? Download
Shoosmiths: Asking job applicants about criminal convictions Download
Eight Budget points relevant to funds and investors
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Top five briefings by practice area
Competition: The super-complaint against the supermarkets: what does it mean for suppliers? Download
Media/Entertainment: Operation Elveden – what were the legal issues? Download
Employment: Motivating Generation Flex Download
Intellectual property: Scrabble v Scramble: a jumbled decision? Download
Litigation: Leeds United director’s porn email constituted breach of contract Download
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Top five briefings by region
Asia-Pacific: Foreign Assets Bill: India addresses the issue of ‘black money’ stashed abroad Download
Middle East & Africa: Cross-border distribution – a key concern for Islamic funds Download
Offshore: Jersey: employment law changes Download
UK & Europe: Google v Vidal-Hall: how the cookie crumbled in court… Download
US & The Americas: Controversy over US fiduciary conflict of interest proposal Download
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