This is Robert Fletcher

This is Robert Fletcher. Robert had the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine when he was 13 months old. Soon after he had a huge fit, and ever since he has suffered severe epilepsy. Now aged seven, Robert is one of 400 legally-aided children bringing an action against four pharmaceutical companies alleging the vaccine caused them damage. This week 18 members of the Standing Committee on the Access to Justice Bill will be announced. They will consider the details of the Bill, which includes plans to fund all personal injury claims with conditional fee agreements instead of legal aid. In this week's issue of The Lawyer we detail six more reasons why MPs should reject the Lord Chancellor's plans to scrap legal aid. Robert's mother Jackie says: “We are in a David and Goliath battle, and if the Government took away legal aid it would be like taking away our catapult. We just wouldn't be able to bring our cases.”
See 'Legal Aid Under Threat,' pages 20-23 and Leader page 17