Liz Davidson reports

CITY firm Theodore Goddard's Web site has received more than 100,000 hits since its launch six months ago.

This compares with 20,000 hits during a three-month period at Denton Hall and 135,000 at Clifford Chance during March.

According to research conducted by Theodore Goddard, the largest group to visit the site is other firms, mainly during the afternoon and evening. They most commonly visit the horoscope and firm profile sections.

The firm claimed that it may seek a Web site link with Icelandic pop star Bjork, one of its celebrity clients. Images of Polygram's Thunderbirds rocket and the Rolling Stones already feature on the site, referring to previous work carried out by Theodore Goddard.

"There is potential for one of Bjork's songs to be used on the site, although we would have to seek permission first," said site organiser William James, who becomes a partner on 1 May.

"Before Christmas, we were getting enormous interest in the site," he added. "We try to keep the pages as fresh as possible and have about 100 sections. We carry a monthly legal article, specialist legal articles, employment law bulletins and a legal horoscope."

James said important new information, such as the Suzen employment case, or information on Labour competition policy, can be issued very quickly.

"Such speed shows we are up to the minute. We can do it with minimal problems because the information, which is gathered by the firm anyway, is emailed directly onto the Internet."

Tom Rose, business development director at Clifford Chance – the first firm to set up its own Web site – said: "The figures for March are not unusual. Our site gives information about our services and updates on the latest legal developments."

And Denton Hall's Web site manager, Malcolm Poole, said: "We will shortly be introducing a new front or 'home' page, with references to our Hong Kong and Singapore offices. Our aim is to make the site functional and informative."