The whoop group

One of Tulkinghorn’s more glamorous hacks recently had the pleasure of many of Germany’s elite from the legal world swooping in with typical British James Bond-meets-Lara Croft debonair to gatecrash the Juve awards in Frankfurt.

While Tulkinghorn himself hadn’t quite realised the Oktoberfest was over and spent the night at the bar trying to convince staff that a stein really was appropriate to be served at the event, his scribe was out mingling and turning heads.

There was much merriment and celebration and award winners on the night were pretty pleased with themselves too. None more so, though, than the White & Case team. The excitable crew was beaming from ear to ear after collecting an award, and for once the all-too-US shrieks, shouts, yahoos and chest-thumping was a welcome change from the polite, if slightly robotic, German applause.

A few eyebrows were raised, and the odd personal injury lawyer in attendance got edgy in their seat, as partners flung their associates around in unabashed excitement. And who says banking and finance lawyers don’t know how to party? Not so enthusiastic in his celebrations was Clifford Chance‘s Germany managing partner Hans-Josef Schneider, who was more restrained in celebration, but who kept a vice-like grip on his award all night long. One of our scribe’s more fond memories from the night is Schneider, with delicate steps and utmost concentration, working his way across a wine-drenched dancefloor. Nothing is so precious as a big, fat trophy on your desk when the firm’s management comes to visit.