The truth blurts

Calling your clients rude names, especially to their faces, is never an ideal tactic. One partner discovered this to be the case at this year’s international property shindig, Mipim 2004.

No one behaves themselves at Mipim – it’s the law. But this particular commercial property partner from an Anglo-German firm (which shall, of course, remain nameless) really outdid himself at one of the week’s many parties. After – we can only assume – several shandies, the partner took it upon himself to tell a client from a well-known property agent exactly what he thought of him, calling him a “f***ing c**t”.

For this little indiscretion, the potty-mouthed lawyer was promptly propelled back to London, no doubt for one hell of a dressing down.

Still, this charming man has some way to go to beat the best ‘client care’ story Tulkinghorn ever heard, which involved a now retired and famously foul-tempered managing partner punching a company representative at a posh do. Those were the days…