The Times They Are A’changin’

The magic circle firm is planning to stop printing its graduate recruitment brochures and move everything online in a bid to become more environmentally friendly (see story).

This would mean an end to the annual production of 7,500 glossy, Earth-destroying brochures, which are “out of date almost as soon as they go to print”.

The firm will ask students if they like the idea, which, unless something awful has happened to the young bucks in our great educational institutions, means it’s pretty much a done deal.

It’s hardly going to elicit the same response as Dylan managed when he hung up his acoustic (tenuous, us?), but if Links goes ahead with the plan it will be one of those decisions that forces everyone else to change.

The firm has already said this year’s graduate meat market will see a few less pens, hand warmers and miniature double-decker buses after it shunned the usual law fair giveaway bonanza in favour of donating money to charity (see story).

Praise all round for actually acting on green ideas rather than paying lip service to the eco gallery.


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