Building communities and providing in-house lawyers with a platform to network and exchange ideas has always been at the core of what we do. The Lawyer’s In-house Financial Services virtual event taking place between the 30th June and 2nd July will bring together 200+ in-house legal counsel and compliance professionals from across the financial services sector to discuss, benchmark and exchange knowledge.

This series of exciting content includes an option of webinars and roundtables for attendees to pick and choose from, including a 45-minute virtual roundtable on The successful adoption of new technology in legal teams.

Given the necessarily-rapid adoption of remote working technologies in recent months, Financial Services firms are now considering how to successfully implement other new technologies and fast-track existing plans for digital transformation.

While the global pandemic has forced usage of certain tools, such ubiquitous adoption cannot always be guaranteed. Indeed, the success of new technology projects often hinges on having strong team buy-in and user adoption. Legal teams, in particular, must be confident that new technologies offer significant benefits over tried-and-tested methods of working to make the cost and risks of switching worthwhile.

Discussion points include:

  • Specific challenges faced by legal teams in adopting new technologies
  • Practical steps to ensure users understand and support technology projects to maximise their return on investment
  • How intuitive design promotes strong user adoption and minimises the need for lengthy training programmes
  • The role of internal champions and power-users in encouraging adoption and sharing best practices
  • Utilising your technology vendor’s Customer Success teams and implementation expertise to hit the ground running


Colin Macleod

Colin MacLeod is the Director of Operations at Apperio, the cloud-based legal spend analytics and matter tracking platform. He has deep expertise in transformation and risk management having previously headed Business Operations for Nested and worked as a consultant with McKinsey’s Recovery and Transformation practice.





Please note that the virtual roundtables have very limited availability, so if you are interested in joining this session please contact Emma Bower for more information.

This free to attend virtual roundtable is part of the In-house Financial Services virtual event taking place between 30 June – 2nd July.

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