The Sheriffs Office to run CPD webinar on squatter eviction

Sherriffs News Squatter promo (with text)Squatting in commercial property is on the increase and there are growing numbers of activists occupying property and land in anti-fracking, anti-capitalist and anti-development protests.

Even where there is no political agenda, the damage done by squatters, both physical and reputational, can be huge.

The Sheriffs Office, authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, are running a complimentary CPD webinar on squatter eviction under a High Court writ of possession, covering aspects such as risk assessment, health and safety planning, method of entry, security and police support, as well as the process of obtaining and enforcing the writ of possession.

The CPD webinar takes place on Thursday 25th February 2016 from 12:30 to 13:30. You can book your place here.

The Sheriffs Office has also produced an eBook “Guide to Squatter Eviction”, which you can download here.