The scoop on ice-cream legal issues

True or false? There’s a lawyer out there who gets to drive around the office in an ice cream van, try every lolly on the supermarket shelves and take home four litres of ice cream every week.

Before you accuse us of having an overactive, rather hungry, imagination, read this. It’s all true, R&R’S GC Francesca Yardley tells us. R&R makes some of the best-known ice cream brands around, and in this week’s in-house interview Yardley gives us the scoop on all the legal issues slopping around the treats.

“We once had a product recall to do with the sticks we were using,” she says. “The product we were making for Tesco had quite large nuts and chocolate bits that were bending and breaking the sticks. Everyone knows when they buy a lolly it’s going to have a stick but they don’t expect it to be splintered.”

Blimey. Read on if you want to find out how Yardley stays cool in a crisis, you’ll never eat a Fab in the same way again.

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