The Rooks Rider Saga

Tulkinghorn has not been watching the new version of The Forsyte Saga currently showing on ITV because it stirs up too many bad memories. And at tax specialist firm Rooks Rider, it brings on severe shudders for two reasons.
To explain why, here's a little bit of history: John Galsworthy Senior (the father of the author of The Forsyte Saga) was admitted as a solicitor in 1838. He later joined his nephew Edwin Galsworthy to form Galsworthy & Co. In the 1930s the firm merged with Rooks Wales and Godwin & Co to create Rooks Wales Godwin & Galsworthy, which was later shortened to Rooks & Co. Then in the 1970s the final merger with Riders was completed, creating Rooks Rider.
So there's the link, now here's the scandal. John Galsworthy, who appears in the early part of the saga as 'Young Jolyon', caused a bit of a scandal after he ran off with the wife of one of his cousins. Edwin, another cousin, decided that the family firm could not act for John because of the scandal and instead acted for the wronged husband and the rest of the family. Many of them were later featured in the saga with changed details.
Not only did Rooks Rider's ancestors suffer the embarrassment, with hindsight, it also opted to represent the wrong client. Double doh.