The Professional's Guide To Successful Management Carol O'Connor McGraw Hill u24.95

This edition provides one of the best insights into modern thinking about some of the most important aspects of successful management. In all the areas that are covered, plausible and workable solutions are debated leaving the reader with a variety of options to pursue.

One of the criticisms of other guides to successful management is the comparative lack of realistic and workable solutions to straightforward or complicated management problems. The author provides examples which readers will understand.

One of the most helpful chapters deals with the problem of "leading leaders" and the additional problem of maintaining the mantle of legitimate authority in a demanding practice which consists of partners with strongly held views.

This book is an absolute must for young partners recently introduced into forward-thinking practices and for middle-aged partners who are prepared to adapt their ways to modern thinking.

This book is much better value than many of the management seminars that are currently available and a superb reference book for any manager – whatever the size of practice.