The partnership and the pea

In early December the fidgety firm changed its management, switching from the managing partner duo of Charles Jennings and Julian Reddyhough to single chief Henry Smith (see story).

The change came after a meeting on Cayman Islands and included the construction of a new management committee, featuring key partners at the firm.

Outgoing Jennings and Reddyhough have retired from the firm, echoing the departure of former senior partner Anthony Travers in 2007.

It was surprising news, especially for Reddyhough who is credited with creating a successful Dublin office.

The statement from Maples said nothing of the reasons for the change and calls to the firm ended with well-drilled referrals to their PR company, which refused to answer questions about the reasons behind the change.

After moving from a single leader (Travers) to a duo (Jennings and Reddyhough) back to a single leader with a committee (Smith et al) this is one partnership that seems uncomfortable keeping the status quo.

But perhaps it has finally settled on a management structure it is happy with.

Tom Phillips has taken over from Katy Dowell as offshore reporter.