The legal teams

The Baron's legal team (plaintiffs):

Counsel: Lead is Michael Crystal QC, head of chambers at 3-4 South Square and Wilberforce Chambers' Robert Ham QC. Junior counsel is David Alexander from 3-4 South Square.

Bermudian attorneys: Jerome Dill and Geoffrey Bell QC (senior counsel), assisted by Arabella di Lorio and Kristine Mueller, all of Appleby Spurling & Kempe.

Thyssen Junior's team (defendants):

Solicitors: Clifford Chance's Jeremy Sandelson (litigating partner) with Jeremy Kosky (senior assistant) and Lisa Taylor (assistant).

Counsel: Serle Court's Alan Boyle QC (senior counsel) and juniors Nick Harrison, Tim Collingwood and Douglas Close.

Bermudian attorneys: Cox Hallett Wilkinson's managing partner David Kessaram, assisted by Megan Lewin and Evatt Tamine.

Team of lawyers for corporate defendants:

Solicitors: Norton Rose's Anthony Dutton and James Bagge. Assisted by Craig Berry, Philip Reed, Katie Stephen and Richard Blann.

Counsel: Lead was the late Trevor Philipson QC of Fountain Court who replaced Nick Patten QC of 9 Old Square Chambers. Philipson's junior was Richard Coleman.

Bermudian attorneys: Jeffrey Elkinson (senior associate) at Conyers Dill & Pearman.