Salary wars are so 2022. Or are they?

On Tuesday this week, The Lawyer’s deputy editor (UK) Richard Simmons revealed the largest firm pay gaps between London and the regions.

Did you know that Hogan Lovells’ Birmingham newly qualifieds (NQs) are paid £45,000 less than their London colleagues? And Eversheds Sutherland’s regional NQs are all paid £33,000 less than in the City?

A London-regional pay gap has always existed, but lawyers are starting to question whether it has ever been so big, and if it is still fair.

Suffice to say, the question led to a particularly robust debate in The Lawyer’s newsroom, so on the new episode of The Lawyer Podcast, the London-based Catrin and Christian are joined by Richard Simmons (in Brighton), deputy news editor Jessica Boak (in Leeds), and Horizon editor, Devon’s own, Katy Dowell to sort out the argument once and for all.

You can vote on the LinkedIn poll discussed in the podcast here.

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