The Lawyer Management: Kirwans

I’m responsible for the firm’s marketing and client service functions, working closely with our senior partners, the management board, heads of department and suppliers.


What does your role involve?

My role includes the development and implementation of strategic planning, PR, product and service development, management of the online portfolio, market research, brand development, management of our social media platforms, marketing communications and advertising.

What have been the key ways in which you have improved the efficiency of your firm?

For me efficiency isn’t just about business processes, it’s about having the right attitude embedded across the company so every individual feels responsible for driving an efficient service. If you invest in the right systems and people, and implement processes that allow you to deliver a service that exceeds what your client expects, you’ll eventually see a positive impact on your profit margins plus increased client retention.

What’s in your in-tray?

I’m working on the PR strategy for the next quarter with various departments and putting the final touches to our social media programme.
I’m also working on a major project for the firm, The Client Journey, which we aim to implement in 2012-13. In addition, we have some changes being made to our website to further increase engagement and interaction, so I’m currently looking at the framework and content for this.

What are currently the most ­significant external issues that have an impact on your role?

The economy. The profession has seen a number of law firms merging and folding, and I think this will ­continue. We’re in a highly competitive marketplace where clients, both commercial and personal, will shop around for the best price, best service and best people; and I fully encourage this – it’s healthy for business.

What impact, if any, are the structural changes to the UK legal market having on your firm and your role?

Like any professional service the legal industry is not without its challenges. We’ve seen major changes over recent years, including the ­recent introduction of alternative business structures. The legal landscape is changing and the way in which legal services will be provided will change. Whether you’re a niche, high-end practice or in the commodities market, you should never sit back and believe that you’re invincible to the changes that are taking place around your business.

What do you think the future holds?

Business is changing and the legal sector has to think about the delivery of its expertise and client care. Those firms that have the appetite for growth should think seriously; the legal services market is expanding, and the main changes are being seen in both price and the way that clients are expecting this service to be delivered.

How many people do you have in your core team and who are they?

The core marketing team consists of me and marketing executive Caroline Evans. In addition, we’re supported by two PR managers and a team of online managers, who assist with the development and management of our online portfolio.

What are your team’s core ­responsibilities?

Primarily to drive the core marketing functions of the firm and to identify new opportunities for growth.

Who do you report to?

Managing partner Simon Gibson and senior partner David Kirwan.

What problem would you most like technology to solve?

Managing expectations.

What’s the most important ­lesson your role has taught you?

That you can never be overprepared, and when you have the right team it’s surprising what you can achieve.

Financials (estimated)

Turnover: £2.5m
Revenue per partner: £500,000
Profit per equity partner: £150,000
Offices: Liverpool, Preston, Moreton


The development and ongoing management of Kirwans’ website has been a major preoccupation
for Alty during the past year.

“The website is an integral part of my business plan due to its vast potential in attracting new business,” she says. “It continues
to generate a steady stream of new business for the firm, but there are many more improvements we’re continuing to make in order to develop its potential even further. We’re working closely with our web developers and making some great steps in achieving our objectives.”


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